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Dr. Levinson has given seminars every December since 2010 at the Weston, MA Council on Aging (Senior Center). His wife works as the COA's nurse consultant and as she organizes these lectures, Dr. Levinson finds them not only fun to do, but, well, not really optional. Several of those sessions have been filmed and the three below were posted online. Please click on one of the links below to have a look.

Also below, just for fun, are links to aviation-related articles Dr. Levinson has published in Plane & Pilot Magazine starting in late 2014 with the story of a vacation he took with his wife from the Boston area to California and back in April 2014 in a small, single engine aircraft. This was his first publication about neither medicine nor science!

December 2011 lecture

Atrial fibrillation 

December 2012 open Q&A session

Anything cardiac 

December 2013 lecture

Cholesterol management

February 22, 2018 Panel Discussion

Boston Society for Neurology & Psychiatry

 Death by a Thousand Clicks: How Can We Make EHRs Better

Wall Street Journal OpEd - Sept 2016

 Coast to Coast in a Mooney, Parts 1 and 2 

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