Our Staff

Erin White

Erin has been with us since 2004. She is the administrative anchor for our team and is usually the point of first contact when you call or come into the practice. Erin is committed to making sure that your care is as pleasant and efficient – from your perspective – as humanly possible.

Julie Hollingsworth, RN, ANP

Julie has been with us since 2007. She works in a role which is unique to our practice. Julie is a Registered Nurse Practitioner and with that advanced training and her extensive experience with acute cardiac and medical patients in this office and at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Julie is an accomplished clinician. She is more than competent legally and clinically to provide medical care with minimal physician supervision. In AllCare, however, Julie works as a team with our physician staff and Erin to bridge the clinical and administrative worlds, ensuring that we do the best possible job in meeting the health care needs of every patient in the practice.