AllCare is unlike other concierge medical practices

Cardiology as well as primary care

AllCare physicians provide not only general medical care (primary care) but also academic level specialty care. This integrated approach provides convenient one stop shopping and is powerful in enabling specialist management of cardiovascular issues whether for prevention or treatment.

Size matters

While most primary care practices have thousands of patients for each physician and most concierge practices have 300 to 600 patients, AllCare operates at a fraction of those levels so that no patient is ever off the radar screen.


Proactive medical care is what we do.

Office and hospital visits are not the only focus with AllCare. By keeping our size small we are able to make good on our commitments not only to be available to patients in between visits, but to think about patients in between visits. Our patients outsource their medical needs to us and we keep our patients on track. 


International and national telemedicine

AllCare physicians have a deep experience with international and national telemedicine. Wherever someone lives or is traveling, AllCare physicians know how to provide a single locus of control and coordination for each patient's longitudinal medical management. 


Academic concierge medicine & cardiology

AllCare physicians are core faculty members at Harvard Medical School's major teaching hospitals: Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Brigham and Women's Hospital, where we provide inpatient medical care and where we teach.


Community service

AllCare members are helping the community as they enable each AllCare physician to provide medical care for many who could not afford concierge care and some who could not afford care at all. 


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